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Thinking outside the box with these new 1.9 Hybrid dual stage 3d inserts. These inserts use the stock foam that came in your tires and turns them into a dual stage insert. Using the stock foam makes for a “perfect” fit no matter what size 1.9 tire you have. The inserts are printed in flexible tpu filament and have a unique center design that “locks” the foam in so it will not slip like most dual stage foams.

Currently available in two 1.9 sizes, 1.9 narrow are 25mm wide for C1 or tires up to 1.5” wide and 1.9 medium are 32mm wide for 1.5” or wider tires.

*Currently inserts my be red or clear filament depending on supplies.

Note: it’s recommended to cut the stock foam at a 45 degree angle on the insides edges to help seat the foam in the insert better.

1.9 Hybrid Dual Stage 3D Inserts

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